At the heart of Hazel Layne Vintage is improving the sustainability of the fashion industry. We aim to do this by re-using garments that are already in circulation to extend their lifespan and prevent them from being dumped into a landfill. Saving clothes itself is a sustainable practice, but there are elements of our business that have the potential become harmful if they are not considered with the planet in mind.

a photo of a shop with blue clothing hangers with different garments on the rail


We source our vintage and second hand garments from a range of different sources. Most of our locations are from local businesses, all based in the UK. This reduces our carbon footprint because we do not import goods from other countries.

Also, we only wash garments that really need it before sale in order to reduce our water waste. We recommend that you wash the item yourself before wearing it - most people would naturally do this anyway, so by only washing what is essential we are preventing an unnecessary waste of water.

close up of sewing machine needle point with purple material going through it with a models hand on top with purple flower nails


Everything that we rework is done in-house at our studio meaning that we have full control over safe working practices. We use as much as the original garment as possible in order to reduce waste. We keep the majority of our off-cuts to be used in future products.

All of the products stocked on our site are used goods meaning that we are not manufacturing something new. The fashion industry's manufacturing methods can be devastating to the planet because of toxic chemicals used in production which harm the environment, and the high quantities of water used to make them. By reusing ready made garments we avoid inflicting this damage and waste.

a light pink postcard with hazel layne vintage text writing on it on top of an item wrapped in tissue paper with a hazel layne vintage sticker on top of a grey mailers bag on a brown table


We use acid free tissue paper and mailer bags made from 100% recycled materials. Inside our packages we include a flyer with branding and further information. We design these so that they can also be used as decor, and not simply thrown away once you've received your order. A paper invoice is included in parcels because we have space for it on the same page as the shipping label, this means we don't waste the other half of the paper or use another sheet.

All of the products in our packaging can be recycled again and made into something new.