Reworked Mini Cargo Skirts

Reworked Mini Cargo Skirts

Discover our new range of mini cargo skirts made from vintage and pre-loved cargo trousers. This y2k inspired trend is the latest must-have in your summer wardrobe.

Shop the cargo trend more sustainably with our new range of skirts. The trend has been recycled from the early 2000's meaning that there are so many vintage and unused cargo's still in circulation. Shopping pre-loved for your cargo skirt means that you can join in with the trend, but also stand out from the crowd in your 100% unique upcycled skirt with much more detail and quality than the fast fashion alternative.

Cargo skirts are a more suitable summer alternative to cargo trousers that can be worn casually in the day and styled up at night. We have not only the classic cargo colours such as khaki and black, but are also sourcing unique summery and trending colours including baby pink, beige, navy and grey. Pair with one of our reworked crop tops for the ultimate Hazel Layne look!

Browse our range of cargo mini skirts here.

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