Reworked Vintage Wholesale

At Hazel Layne Vintage we create the most unique and on trend reworked vintage clothing on the market. Our stock is handmade by our small team of women in Leicestershire UK, we believe in creating high quality garments that are made to last that are made from second hand clothing. This extends the lifespan, gives a new lease of life and births new creativity into pre-existing garments. 

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We also offer stockist commission partnerships for local Leicestershire based businesses who are interested in stocking our products. Please view the above document for more details.

Reworked Cropped Hoodies

We crop second hand branded sportswear hoodies from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Champion, Reebok and Fila. We then overlock the raw edge and add in a stretchy waistband so that the garment fits a wide range of sizes.

Reworked Tank Crop Tops

Our upcycled tank crop tops are unique to the reworked vintage market. They are constructed from branded t-shirts and made into the classic and timeless sleeveless crop top style. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your customers requirements.

Reworked Baby Tee Crop Tops

This y2k inspired style has now slowly turned into a wardrobe staple. Our reworked baby tees are a trendier take on the classic crew neck t-shirt style, with shorter sleeves and a cropped hem. This product is upcycled from branded sportswear t-shirts.

Reworked Cargo Mini Skirts

Cargos in any form are a guaranteed bestseller right now. These workwear trousers have been used for decades within different trades, as well as coming in and out of style over the years, meaning that there is a surplus in circulation that we are able to transform into trendy mini skirts. Each piece is completely unique, and we make them in all different sizes.

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