About Us

Hazel Layne Vintage is a small business owned and run by women based in Leicester UK. We handpick and rework branded vintage and second hand streetwear giving clothing another lease of life.

Kelsey established Hazel Layne back in 2020. The company began through reselling items from her current wardrobe on second hand websites. Recognising the demand for second hand clothing and realising the effect that fashion production had on the environment, she decided to source other unwanted clothes and style them in high quality imagery to show that second hand clothing can look just as good as new, but with a lower price tag and not harm the planet. 

Saving clothing from landfills is at the core of the business, a startling 150 billion garments end up discarded each year. A lot of these garments are in perfect condition, but are thrown away because they no longer fit in line with current trends. We source these unwanted goods, some simply need re-photographing and re-marketing to the world. Others may need an extra bit of love through minor repairs, stain and bobble removal, or if it cannot be restored it will be reworked into something completely new. Our reworked section has a youthful fresh feel, focusing predominantly on crop tops, however we love to get super creative every so often and completely deconstruct items into something different - such as our two piece matching sets which are made from men's joggers.

Our team has an obsession with branded vintage street wear, particularly brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Tommy Hilfiger who were established as early as the 1950's and are still on trend and stylish 70 years later. The materials and craftsmanship of vintage clothing is of a higher quality than those made by brands today, some garments have survived over 30 years and are still in amazing condition. The design and fit are retro and unique, they are a piece of fashion history which we source from all over the world. Each piece has a story to it, and there's no telling what it has experienced and how many walks of life it has been through. 

Our main goal as a small business is to encourage vintage and second hand fashion as an alternative to fast fashion, which destroys the planet. Fashion production is the second highest polluter in the world, which is responsible for 10% of the planet's total carbon emissions. We aim to accomplish this mission by taking items from brands that people know and love that are already in circulation, and re-presenting them to the world. Or, we will rework them into a new style in line with current fashion movements in order to give consumers a sustainable way to access new trends. By buying used instead of new, you vastly improve your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 

We also love to support and spread the word about other organisations that have a similar goal of healing the planet. Every 3 months we showcase a new charity that works to improve the environment or fashion industry. There are so many people working right now to find new and innovative ways to combat carbon emissions, we believe it is important to highlight them and to inspire others to make changes. You will have the option to support this charity by making a small donation at checkout. Please do not feel pressured to do so, it's just there as an option if you are able to. By simply buying a second hand item instead of a new one, you are making a great impact on the world. Remember, it's not about one person doing it perfectly, it's about everyone trying imperfectly!

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